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1.   Ann M. / Chicago, IL
Going to the TIBETcenter reminds me of why I enjoyed visiting Tibet–the warmth and generosity of the people.

2.   Harriet S. / Skokie, IL
TIBETcenter is a warm, inviting “base camp” for a diverse community seeking to scale the heights of Tibetan culture and faith.  Offerings are varied enough that you can find speakers, services, or artistic events to enrich your journey.  Tashi and Dolma also host the best Tibetan dinners in the Chicago area!

3.   Marian N. / Naperville, IL
I have been involved with the TIBETcenter since its early beginnings.  Tashi Phuri’s and his family’s dedication to the TIBETcenter has been selfless and totally dedicated to His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s desire that the Western world become aware of Tibet’s struggle to sustain their culture and to teach the world the richness of the Tibetan culture and the Buddhist dharma.  We have so much to learn from the Tibetans in how to deal with ignorance, suffering, compassion and what truly the quest of happiness involves.  Please come and learn, support with your contributions and your dedication to the continuation of the Tibetan contribution to our society.

4.   David P. / Naperville, IL
Mr. Tashi T. Phuri is an honest, humble and dedicated man working for greater intercultural communication by helping Americans to learn more about Tibetan culture.  Given his history as a former senior member of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile, he is very well qualified for his role. I am proud to have known him for many years and wish Mr. Tashi and TIBETcenter much continued success.

5.   Cynthia C. / Park Ridge, IL
My involvement with the TIBETcenter has helped me travel down the path of  a more tranquil life of genuine loving kindness.

6.   Stephanie A. / Chicago, IL
The TIBETcenter programs in Chicago help us tap into the incredible spiritual knowledge and depth of old Lhasa

7.   Pat B. / Gurnee, IL

TIBETcenter as been an unfailing source of support for the community of Tibetan people in the Chicago area.  It has also provided a major resource to Buddhists throughout the midwest.  They have hosted, or helped to host, the most significant Buddhist teachers in the world today.  I like to think that TIBETcenter is not a place but a frame of mind, where kindness and laughter  are always available as a living dharma.  Because of the TIBETcenter, I have had the most wonderful opportunities to experience Tibetan culture and art.  All of them (such as the making of a sand mandala, thanka painting, medical astrology, teachings directly from specific monks and more) have enriched my life tremendously.

8.   Dr. Kevin T. / Evanston, IL
The TIBETcenter is a unique gem! They do a terrific job of increasing awareness of Tibetan history, tradition and Buddhism. They sponsor many fine programs throughout the year. They have featured a number of excellent speakers. They are always friendly and kind. TIBETgift also has a marvelous library of Buddhist books and paraphernalia.

9.   Sharon S. / Chicago, IL
TIBETcenter presents a wide variety of events, from Tibetan movies and cultural programs; visiting Tibetan lamas, doctors and astrologers; popular contemporary spiritual lecturers, and didgeridoo concerts. It’s all for a good cause–to benefit the Tibetan people and educate Americans about Tibetan culture. And when food is involved, it’s prepared by Tashi’s wife, who is an excellent Tibetan cook!

10.  Dr. Miriam C, / Twin Cities, MN
I thank Tashi for the important work he does. We need someone like him in the Twin Cities! Over the years, he had  provided invaluable help with my graduate courses about Tibetan Medicine at the University of Minnesota. At my request, he has given me advice and recommended CDs, DVDs, and books that I purchased at a discount from TIBETgift and use for my courses. I encourage my students to buy these excellent resources from TIBETgift. May TIBETcenter and TIBETgift continue to benefit all beings.

11.  Rev. Robert T. / Evanston, IL
TIBETcenter is a truly unique organization.  Rooted in Tibetan culture and connected by the Buddhist tradition, TIBETcenter keeps branching out with resources and programs to remind all of us in the metropolitan Chicago community that compassion is how we can reduce suffering in our world.  Through its service to humanity in metropolitan Chicago TIBETcenter is the living embodiment of the luminous teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

12.  Paul S. / Evanston, IL
I have been attending events at TIBETcenter for over two years now, and have always been delighted with the quality and diversity of programs presented. I have enjoyed everything from excellent teachings by qualified teachers to consultations with Tibetan medical practitioners, movies, weekend retreats, lectures by notable speakers, and festive gatherings with great food. I continue to explore the richness of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy as well as other opportunities to develop my spiritual life. I depend on TIBETcenter to bring excellent programs from around the world right to the Midwest!

14.  Dianne H. / Hammond, IL
TIBETcenter has been my window to “The Roof of the World”, my window to “The Land of Snows”.  TIBETcenter is rich in Tibetan Culture and anyone looking to enrich their lives with this Culture is encuraged to come to TIBETcenter.  I have been on a 10 year journey so far, I have seen the TIBETcenter grow with so many wonderful programs for everyone to enjoy.  Come to a program and see for yourself.   I will see you there.

15.  Tom V. / Chicago, IL
We are very fortunate to have such a unique and wonderful center showing us the true beauty of Tibetan life and Culture.

16.  Karen S. / Mountainair, NM
Over many years, I have so much enjoyed all of the workshops, lectures, movies and events that TIBETcenter has offered.  I have been exposed to new ideas and messages of laughter and love, of kindness and empathy, all of which have encouraged healthy choices and realizations through life’s journey.  And even though I no longer reside in the midwest, I contiue to receive emails from TIBETcenter and when visiting Chicago, always have time to stop at TIBETcenter to enjoy Tashi’s uplifting smile and loving energy.

17.  Kim E. / Chicago, IL
For an American with an interest in Tibetan Buddhism, the TIBETcenter has been  jewel in the lotus. Not only bringing masterful teachers to help train our mind and expand our knowledge of Buddhism, but education in the cultural heritage of Tibet, unknown to many of us. We can now see the need to preserve and promote this amazing culture. TIBETcenter has not only programs to further this cause, but books, videos, and access to like-minded people for discussion. The center is dedicated to the Tibetan community  here and has served this community well. TIBETcenter is an amazing resource.

18.  Tony S. / Chicago, IL
I have been involved as a volunteer and contributor to TIBETcenter for several years.  I am always amazed by the number and quality of programs produced by the center with so few resources, and the tireless energy of Tashi Phuri, friends and volunteers.  I can honestly say that my connection to TIBETcenter has been life-giving to me, supporting my exploration of the Tibetan Buddhadharma, Tibetan arts and culture, and of course the wonderful food!  The Tibetan people have made (and continue to make) a priceless contribution to humanity in so many ways.  TIBETcenter gives us here in Chicago a local connection to that precious heritage.  I have worked closely with TIBETcenter to promote inter religious understanding between Tibetan Buddhism and Catholicism.  I have seen so many wonderful moments of understanding, encouragement and healing through that work, made possible by TIBETcenter’s support and hospitality.  Most of all, TIBETcenter embodies the simple human values of kindness, generosity and joy that I have heard His Holiness the Dalai Lama encourage so often, and which the world needs so badly. I cherish my connection to TIBETcenter and hope that it may continue to support and enrich Chicago’s spiritual and cultural life for many years to come.

19.  Julia T. / Wauconda, IL
The TIBETcenter of the Chicago Area opens minds and hearts to the cultural gem of the Himalayan Peoples of Tibet. The experiences and offerings are of a broad range, culturally rich, and genuine. After many years of attendance, I still look forward to my visits with Tashi and Dolma, and the rest of their wonderful family! It is a calming, mind-expanding adventure to experience the program offerings. With a warmth and richness of compassion and hospitality, I would rate the TIBETcenter 5 stars!

20.  Judie S. / Chicago, IL
I have been a member of the TIBETcenter for many years.  I often attend programs at center on Dempster and other venues.  I have found every single event to be enlightening and enjoyable.  The place, the staff, teachers and visitors offer a gentle and welcoming environment that I am grateful for and that keeps me coming back.  Thanks.  The Tibetan “grace” is truly inspiring and reminds me to be positive and compassionate.

21.   Bob K. / Evanston, IL
I have always found TIBETcenter’s programs to be very rewarding and enjoyable. It’s also wonderful to know that I am supporting a very worthwhile cause of helping to preserve the unique and precious culture of Tibet.

22.   Buzz F. / Louisburg NC
I still enjoy getting info from TIBETcenter, even though I have  moved out of state. The loving dedication of Tashi Phuri, and Dolma influenced me on many levels.  Fondly remember wonderful TIBETcenter, and wish everyone happiness and good health.

23.   Elaine M. / Flossmoor, IL
TIBETcenter is my favorite store for great Dharma books, music,Tibetan movie rentals, gifts.  But they are more than a store because they also offer Dharma teachings, Tibetan astrological readings, Health consultations and always a smile from Tashi when you walk in the store.

24.   Adie R. / Northfield, IL
Although fairly new to the TIBETcenter, I always feel welcome. The programs are so varied and frequent.

25.   Jessi C. / Chicago, IL
Clearly part of the international community of activists quietly working to preserve Tibetan history, arts and teachings, the TIBETcenter is an important point of contact for Chicagoans looking for a valuable way to contribute to this cause.  I am thankful to have been a member.

26.   Dr. Martha H. / Chicago, IL
TIBETcenter has consistently brought in excellent Buddhist teachers and practitioners of Tibetan medicine and astrology.  Thanks to the TIBETcenter, many people in Chicago were fortunate to have medical consultations with HH the Dalai Lama’s personal physician, Tenzin Choedrak, before he passed away. TIBETcenter has also sponsored events such as sand mandala painting, Tibetan dancing and music performed by Tibetan monks.  These programs have kept all the most wonderful contributions of Tibetan culture alive for the people of Chicago for more than a decade.

27.   Sandy M. /  Evanston, IL
The TIBETcenter is more than a store or a resource, it is an oasis and place to feel connected, to myself, to others, and to the light.  Tashi welcomes everyone and works hard to provide programs, literature and products that enrich and enlighten.

28.   Marge R. / Evanston, IL
The TIBETcenter is a wonderful addition to the diverse culture of Evanston. The programs and films are educational and very interesting.  I think it is important to keep the Tibetan culture alive in the lives of the families who have come to Chicago.  Keep up the good work.

29.   Melvin O. / Northbrook, IL
TIBETcenter is a priceless resource which gives the world an opportunity to see the beautiful culture of Tibet and the kindness of the Tibetan people.  The TIBETcenter is also essential in spreading the word of Dharma and introducing people to the logic and easy application of the Buddha’s teaching in everyday life. TIBETgift has a large selection of educational books and lectures that are both enlightening yet easy to understand.  Please support Tashi and TIBETcenter so others may also benefit from TIBETcenter as we have.

30.   Cristina P. / Oak Park, IL
It is an honor every time I visit TIBETcenter because I am reminded of what it IS to be a REAL HUMAN BEING and our true essence which is compassion and acceptance of all forms of life. Every program and visit is a step towards reaching a transformation that will bring an inner peace which we can extend to our world. We need Peace and TIBETcenter is a reminder of that stillness that makes it possible. Thank you Tashi for your kindness and patience, you always make me feel welcome!

31.   Karen C. / Wheaton, IL
Although I can’t  make it to TIBETcenter very often, my visits always have a profound effect on me. Even now as I think of Tashi and the wonderful events offered, I get a warm feeling of happiness, love and contentment. Even if I am not there physically I can always go there in my mind because the TIBETcenter is always in my heart.

32.   Faith G. / Chicago, IL
I, very luckily, found the TIBETcenter not terribly long after I moved to Chicago – it is with great honor that I am given this space to laud its existence and its accomplishments.  The center, which hosts teachings, art, books, cultural events, etc. all serve to reach out and keep alive Tibetan culture and Buddhism.  Those are just the givens.  It is impossible to understand without experiencing and I invite you to come and witness for yourself.  Tashi is a constant.  Giving without end.  I have found the greatest of  treasures in his and his family’s friendship and warmth and have discovered a way of being and thinking that constantly challenges me to be more open, more kind, more unafraid while concomitantly feeling peace.  Amazing!

33.   Susan T. / Champaign, IL
I have known Tashi for many years and he is the most wonderful, dedicated organizer of the TIBETcenter imaginable.  He has done much to promote the dignity of Tibetan culture to Westerners and to provide opportunities for Tibetans living in the Chicago area.  From the beginning, TIBETcenter has always had events of interest, ranging from small gatherings over a dinner of delicious Tibetan food before watching Tibetan films to promoting the visit of H.H. the Dalai Lama and other notable teachers of the dharma.  The center reaches out to all with compassion and honesty, including Chinese friends.  If I lived closer, I would attend every event.  The center is such a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow.  Chicago couldn’t be more fortunate.

34.   Kathie S. / Chicago, IL
I will always appreciate Tashi, Dolma, and the TIBETcenter.  Their excellent and inspiring example have influenced my life profoundly.  During the years I was able to be more actively involved than I have recently, I attended many of TIBETcenter’s programs.  The events and  teachings that Tashi has sponsored over the years have inspired me and  so many others on so many levels it is difficult to fully express my appreciation.  I only hope that Tashi’s dreams for the Center to continue to be of benefit to the community and to thrive will be fulfilled and that I will be able to participate more fully once again in the future!

35.   Marci B. / Chicago, IL
I have been going to the TIBETcenter since 2004.  From the very beginning I could see Tashi’s desire to bring in the best programming suitable for his customers and his own ability.  I have learned so much from the guest teachers.  And I’ve experienced more about “Just Being” when the monks come to town to chant and create mandalas.  The last couple of years I have lived further away and am not able to get there as often.  Yet even when I go there, Tashi greets me with universal love, compassion and generosity.  He’s truly a great  being, and I’m glad I know him.

36.   Nazram P. and Family / Chicago, IL
We would like to send our greetings and appreciation to Tashi  for the variety of  interesting articles and books about Tibet and the Buddhist religion that he has collected in the center, the programs are also of great interest to all those interested in eastern culture. Thank you for being there!

37.   Terri and Shawn D./ Skokie, IL
Tashi is tireless in his dedication to preserving and sharing the culture and traditions of Tibet, as well as in promoting and supporting the cause of the Tibetan people.  Through the TIBETcenter, Tashi makes available to a wider audience the many priceless treasures of Tibet – his country’s music, art, literature, and spiritual wisdom.  It is both a pleasure and a priviledge to participate in this journey.

38.   Ellie K. / Arlington Heights, IL
I have known Tashi of the TIBETcenter of Chicago for over 10 years now. He is a kind and generous man.  What is especially striking or evident is Tashi’s total commitment to Tibetan Buddhism, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and his people and culture.  Tashi tirelessly works to reach out to the Chicago community and local area to foster religious and cross-cultural understanding; and to provide excellent programs and teachings in Tibetan Buddhism and relevant fields.  He also engages in activities that remind all of us of the plight of the Tibetan people and that seek to foster human rights for all.  He seeks to live his life consistent with the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and buddhism- and to make this available to others.  The TIBETcenter is a wonderful place to visit to browse through and purchase Tibetan and Buddhist products and to enjoy the teachings of the visiting Monks and others.  Tashi and the TIBETcenter are committed to making a difference and adding to the goodness of life for all.  I wholeheartedly recommend the Center.

39.   Dr. Frank F. / Evanston, IL
The TIBETcenter is a major intellectual and cultural resource in our community.  Tashi Phuri and the TIBETcenter have worked closely with local universities, churches, and civic groups to promote a deeper understanding of Tibet’s historical, cultural, artistic and religious heritage and its intersections with other traditions and cultures.  The TIBETcenter is truly indispensable.

40.   John A. / Chicago, IL
The TIBETcenter is a precious venue for those who identify with and have come from Tibet as well as for those who want to learn about the rich history, culture (language, literature, music, dance, art, medicine, food, movies, philosophy, psychology, astrology, etc.), and spiritual/religious heritage of the Tibetan people.  It is an invaluable resource for the Chicago area that is a wonderful example that inspires everyone: it shows how a community has added to the diversity of American society — a richness we must always appreciate, share and preserve with each other.  As a Buddhist, the TIBETcenter has enabled me to more fully enjoy my travel to Tibet and my meditation practice here.

41.   Tim P. / Chicago, IL
TIBETcenter has been a reliable source for access to Tibetan culture and spiritual inspiration and education for several years. Tashi has shown kindness and compassion to all who come in contact with him and he has cheerfully tended to the center during this time. It is a great honor to be able to participate in the center’s activities and to share the gift of friendship that is offered to all who attend the TIBETcenter events.

42.   Julie P. / Chicago, IL
TIBETcenter has been instrumental in organizing numerous cultural and spiritual programs over the years and has been instrumental in not only preserving Tibetan culture and traditions, but acting as a bridge between Eastern and Western cultures. I applaud their achievements.

43.   Marie F. / Hodgkins, IL
The TIBETcenter is truly an all inclusive organization for all that is Tibet.

Tashi  T. Phuri, the Director, provides many opportunities for one to experience Tibet’s unique culture through lectures, guest speakers (such as: monks, lamas, Buddhist teachers, educators, writers and knowledgeable and learned people), movies, discussions, events and various cultural  groups, Tibetan Doctors and Astrologers and activities both inside and outside of the center.

Their store has everything one could want and need to enrich ourselves and our learning experience of Tibet and her people.

Tashi is also very helpful in offering and providing information one may need and also personally helps anyone who seeks him out to further their knowledge and education and to learn about all things Tibet and Tibetan.

I myself have had years of fulfilling  interaction with Tashi and the TIBETcenter. At one point Tashi gave me the opportunity to conduct a question and answer session regarding quotes by H.H. the XIV Dalai Lama,at one of his  cultural events.

Tashi is always looking to improve and expand their offerings to further enrich our lives deep into Tibet, the Tibetan People, her Culture and Tibetan Buddhism.

44.   Kristine Y. / Chicago, IL
I consider it a privilege to call myself a friend of TIBETcenter.  I have known Tashi and Dolma for nearly 11 years, and I always marvel at their tireless energy in presenting the issues that affect Tibetans to the broader community in the Chicago area.  Tibet’s unique and breathtaking culture is showcased during the diverse events hosted by TIBETcenter, including folk dancing and music, movies and documentary films, educational seminars, consultations with doctors who practice traditional medicine, and demonstrations of sacred arts by visiting monks.  Many thanks to TIBETcenter for educating, entertaining, and enlightening us all.

45.   Adrienne M. / North Barrington, IL & Audrey V. / Barrington, IL
Over the years, we have been enormously enriched—spiritually and culturally—by the exhibits, visiting monks, films, concerts, lectures . . . and all that the TIBETcenter provides. It is a privilege to know Tashi and Dolma through through their efforts to keep alive the Tibetan Culture for us and for future generations. TIBETgift is a valuable resource for books and information on the continuing abuses of the Chinese government. We urge all to support the Campaign for Tibet through TIBETcenter.

And three cheers for Dolma’s superb dinners!

46.   Jim & Jen / Wilmette, IL
We have been privileged to know Tashi and to avail ourselves of the programs at the TIBETcenter for several years, and we have been greatly impressed with the quality of the programs and speakers that he secures, probably due to his many important connections with the local Tibetan community and the respect that he commands from other members of the Tibetan diaspora. For us, he has been of great help in our own  ” journey of spiritual awakening” through his recommendations, his endless knowledge and words and gestures of encouragement. Tashi and TIBETcenter are a resource to be treasured.

47.   Robert W. / Chicago, IL
It is an honor to be a friend of TIBETcenter. Tashi has been the face of both Tibet and Buddhism for us and many others-and when you experience his smile and warm generosity you will know what we mean. With love and appreciation.

48.   Nancy T. / Chicago, IL
I love Tashi! We really appreciate him, his wife and the TIBETcenter- it has meant so much in our lives and we look forward to bringing our new son soon. Thank you.

49.   Lillian L. / Chicago, IL
The TIBETcenter is an oasis of warmth and hospitality. The center is a resource for the continuation  of Tibetan culture here in the Chicago area.. I have attended many lectures, films and classes about Tibetan medicine, yoga, astrology, Buddhism and life. I love the selection of books, videos, music and gifts. They have enriched my life and my practice. Mr. Tashi Phuri’s dedication in hosting teachers and events to enrich our lives is a blessing. Thanks!

50.   Debby S. / Grayslake, IL
Ever since I first became involved with Tibetans in Chicago 18 (!) years ago as a sponsor when they began arriving here as part of the Tibetan Resettlement Project, I have felt that my exposure to these wonderful people and their culture has been a great gift. The TIBET Center keeps this wonderful connection and learning opportunity alive through its rich and ongoing calendar of events, lectures, films, workshops, and classes, and by sponsoring visits from Tibetan Buddhists, lamas, scholars and others who generously share their teachings and knowledge.  And then there’s the great store of Tibetan gifts and books to choose from!  TIBET Center is one of my favorite places to visit and a great asset to the community.

51.   Darlene N. / Chicago, IL
I have learned and appreciated so much about Tibet and its culture through the TIBETcenter’s programs. Tashi is a wonderful example of the strength and heart of the Tibetan people.

52.   David P. / Evanston, IL
Every time I walk through the somewhat unremarkable door of the TIBETcenter in downtown Evanston, I truly feel as though I’ve entered a sacred space where wisdom and action, equanimity and striving live in harmony.  The incense, soft chanting, and holy books and objects that fill the space have something to do with it, of course, but they’re only part of the story.  More important, perhaps, are the many earnest seekers and compassionate teachers who have passed through the little storefront and left their traces over the years.  But to me, the heart of TIBETcenter is the quiet and steadfast presence of Tashi Phuri, whom you will always find seated behind the counter ready to answer your questions or carefully replacing something on a shelf.  The tireless efforts of this kind and unprepossessing man have been responsible for bringing numerous extraordinary cultural programs and teachers to Chicagoland, helping to educate us about Tibet and the world.  So whatever you’re seeking when you arrive at the very ordinary door of the TIBETcenter, don’t be fooled.  There are great treasures to be found within every time you visit.

53.   Patricia H. / Evanston, IL
The TIBETcenter, in the heart of Evanston, promotes awareness of peace and justice and non violence for all people and nations. The TIBETcenter directed by Tashi is a haven for truth and learning for the empowerment of humanity.

54.   Benjamin P./ Chicago, IL
The TIBETcenter became a fixture in my life from my first visit. I have taken advantage of the skills and talents of visiting Tibetan doctors and astrologers, whose feedback impress and guide me. I have attended a number of programs and showings of movies, etc., at the Center and always leave feeling that I have taken another step in the right direction. The Center itself is a trove of knowledge, information and Tibetan way of life with its books, videos, CDs, calendars, incense, rugs, and other cultural offerings. That Tashi is the gatekeeper is the real plus. I hope the Center and its activities are on the scene for many more years.

55.   Mark S. / Evanston, IL
The TIBETcenter embodies and continues to actively convey the richness, passion, and compassion of the Tibetan people and culture for me. This intenseness and joyousness of this contribution continues to amaze and intrigue me to this day. The values of the TIBETenter and Tibetan culture validate and nurture my way of life; on the edge, in the struggle and fully accepting of that condition.

56.   Judith A. / Chicago, IL
I am very grateful for my past and future connections to the TIBETcenter and its committed and tireless director, Tashi Phuri. I have always felt enriched by the Tibetan cultural events that I’ve attended. Tashi is a special person who has given us a vital connection both to the cause of Tibet and to the dharma. I just enjoy knowing that the TIBETcenter exists.

57.   Mary D. / Oak Park, IL
I have attended many of the teachings and events at the TIBETcenter and each time, my spiritual path has been advanced.  The teachers are of incredible quality, the movies are of integral topics and the comraderie is unsurpassed.  Thanks to Tashi for the leadership and caring that goes in to each event!

58.   Tony T. / Chicago, IL
TIBETcenter is a vital resource for Dharma study and practice in the Chicago area.  I’m grateful for all the work Tashi has done.

59.   Holly Z. / Midland, MI
When I lived in Chicago, I was fortunate to be able to help the TIBETcenter as a volunteer.  In return, I learned much about the Tibetan people and the issues they face today, and received warmth and generosity from Tashi and his family as well.  Their efforts to share their culture with people in the Chicagoland area and beyond are commendable.  The programming is varied and interesting; whether you are interested in Tibetan astrology, yoga, Buddhism, or medicine ­– or if you just have a chance to try Dolma’s amazing cooking – I heartily recommend becoming involved with the TIBETcenter!

60.   Ann L. / Evanston, IL
TIBETCenter is a peaceful and welcoming place that enriches me through its extensive offering of wonderful books, films, and other resources (e.g., guest speakers, practice days, visits of doctors in Tibetan medicine and astrology, etc.). It is like an anchor, and the regular emails about upcoming events are a gentle reminder of the many kinds of support that are available to my spiritual practice and study of Buddhism.

61.   Michael B. / Wilmette, IL
I adore Tashi Phuri.  He is always a delight to be around and is a lively representation of the Tibetan community.  His Evanston location has been a revelation in many ways: three stand out.  One, through Tashi I met with Dr. Dawa, of the Dharmsala Center of Medicine and Astrology. I brought him a story of incidents with my dalmatian named India.  His revelation still blows my mind and that was 3 years ago.  Secondly, he had the chanting monks in his shop and they performed brilliantly. Thirdly, and most importantly, my wife and I spent a day with the Dalai Lama!

The TIBETcenter is needed, wanted, and loved.

62.   Dr. Capri F. / Acoma, NM
Chicago area is certainly graced by the presence of TIBETcenter.  For many years the Center has served as an area educator on Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism, bringing in so many eminent speakers and keeping us informed on the current situation in Tibet as well as His Holiness’s and other beloved teachers speaking engagements in the midwest.  Currently I no longer live in the area, but I have been known to time my visits back to the midwest with TIBETcenter activities.

63.  Bill G. / Evanston, IL
Tashi is a connector of many schools of Tibetan Buddhism and he cross-pollinates the sanghas. The store is a place of possibilities for all things Buddha. The TibetCenter is a true crossroads of many people’s life journeys, and the store is a sort of Illinois stupa on this path. The TibetCenter is also a great entry point for non-Buddhists to engage such a rich culture. TibetCenter facilitates wisdom with it’s book collection, and facilitates compassion with it’s on-going community events.

64.  Jan S. / Chicago, IL
Every time I enter the TIBETcenter in Evanston, I sense the richness of all that it offers.  Usually I visit for a presentation or film on some aspect of Buddhism or Tibet, but often my purpose is to find a gift for a friend or myself or a card from the beautiful and inspiring collection that is offered.  My eyes always wander to the jewelry display case where the coral colors call out from their hand crafted settings.  The clothing and accessories area is of interest too and I have found a few unique items for both home and work.  Then, there are the books and the music/DVD collections.  So many to choose from and so little time is usually my dilemma.  It is quite amazing what Tashi, has built over the years.  I can wholeheartedly recommend a visit to the TIBETcenter for anyone who is even a little bit interested in exploring the wealth of arts and artifacts, wisdom and spirit that is evidenced in this small but unique space.  Do stop in — You won’t be disappointed.

And thank you for all that you have offered to us and to the Chicago area in your years here.  It has truly been a gift!

65Ana C. / Barlette, IL
We are truly fortunate to have an organization such as TIBETcenter in the Chicagoland area. Tashi has done a remarkable job providing westerners a chance to authentically experience the riches of Tibetan culture through visiting teachers, language classes, demonstration, food, artifacts, and much more.  Anyone who has visited TIBETcenter/TIBETgift understands what a jewel we have here, which is well worth supporting and preserving.

66.  Kathleen O. / Chicago, IL
The TIBETcenter is my favorite place for spiritual books, music, ritual objects, and art. (My adult children love the Tibetan calendars I give them every Christimas!)  But more importantly, it has been an invaluable reference point to a wide variety of cultural and spiritual experiences over the years that have really enriched my life and appreciation for Buddhism.  Tashi’s welcoming smile, knowledge and generosity with information make it an exceptional resource.  I love that it exists!

67.  Silvia B. / Highland Park, IL
The TIBETcenter, run by Tashi Phuri is a precious jewel for all who have found it in our search for inner development and  to understand the Tibetan people and culture a little better. Tashi’s rigorous selection of books and films make it easier for us to find valuable information about the Tibetan culture, Buddhism, the Dalai Lama, and the most enlightened thinkers of Buddhism and other religions as well. Also, extremely interesting are books by renowned researchers in the sciences of Neurology and Psychology  showing the new discoveries and new directions of science, which confirm more and more the ancient Buddhist wisdom.

The events organized by Tashi, bringing amazing speakers to town ,showing touching and revealing documentaries plus dinner, organizing yoga and meditation classes, all at very affordable prices are always included in my schedule. I highly recommend that we all pay attention to his calendar of events and plan to come whenever possible. All of Tashi’s work is an invaluable offering to our community.  We also have different ways and opportunities to help the Tibetan refugees in the US and in India.

Last but not least, Tashi’s family , wife and sister in law, cook delicious food not to be missed. Visiting with Tashi and his family gives us first hand experience of the deep calm, peace, attentiveness, friendliness and sense of humor that are beautiful qualities of the Tibetans. Ever since I discovered them in 2003, they have been an important part of my life.

68.  Donna K. / Chicago, IL
The TIBETenter under the direction of Tashi Phuri is an oasis of courage and respect in a world of uncertainity holding to the Tradition Teachings of Univeral Order, Compassion, and Gratitude. The TIBETcenter is an inspiration to the human spirit.